Get up from your chair,
wear your favorite dress,
untie your hair,
open your computer,
take it easy,
get lost,

From the safety of your home, Unite with us in this virtual experience.

Q/L first started as a virtual festival, born from the desire to share a passion in tough times. A festival showcasing electronic music, visuals, creative arts, sensations, by artists from all over the globe, that has now transformed in a bi-weekly audiovisual experience. This journey will feature music and visual artists, who will display their art while supporting social causes that are closest to our hearts.

Every artist will have their own personalized donation link, so that we can all give our small contribution, worldwide. We believe that together we stand stronger in raising awareness and resources to support indescribably important social causes.

We must work together for a world that celebrates our differences, not one that fears them. Our scene was founded on principles of tolerance, self-expression and inclusion, and we choose to stand in solidarity with those who, like us, choose to come together with people of all shapes, sizes, colors and forms.

Celebrating life is the only way we know to feel closer, even if we are miles and miles away. Closer. And connected. Thanks to our passions.